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What is this?

PlayerSpot is a bit like a travel journal. Everyone “knows” Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Not so many know much about the various jurisdictions outside these spots, both old and new. Whether you’re looking for a new destination or keeping up with events in your backyard, PlayerSpot’s mission is to become an essential regional resource, one region at a time.

And, well, if Vegas and AC come knocking, they can have their areas too.

I’m a fan of Poker/Slots/Casino Games. Why should I spend my time here?

With a regional and local focus, we’re likely to be covering the events that are important to you: poker tournaments spotlighting your friends, slot events that you might want to participate in, stage shows that might influence your travel plans. We comb the local scene to help you avoid having to do the same.

I’m not a fan of Poker/Slots/Casino Games. Why should I spend my time here?

Even though gaming is a central element of PlayerSpot, every region has more to do or see than just the felt. Whether your goal is to get away from the tables for a bit or simply enjoy everything else a region has to offer, PlayerSpot provides insight, information, specials, and deals for more than just the casinos. If the games aren’t your style, chances are we can point you at interesting and entertaining alternatives.

I’m a casino/business/advertiser/event planner. Why do I care about PlayerSpot when there is Twitter/Facebook/MySpace/etc?

You have your own website. You have a Facebook Fan/Like page. You have a Twitter account. None of these has replaced your presence elsewhere (radio, television, city buses, cab toppers, other web ads, etc.). PlayerSpot won’t replace these either. It’s all about getting in front of the people who want to know more about you. You need to be where your visitors are looking.

How do I get a copy of the image across the top of the page?

The image at the top of each page is the Reno skyline, taken by Brad Brighton. It is available for sale on http://www.sentientfood.com.

Where is your advertising information?

On our advertising rate card page under Contact in the menu above or by clicking here. Email more your style? advertising@playerspot.com