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PlayerSpot offers a wide variety of choices when it comes to promoting your business, event, or brand. From general advertising across the online publication, to specific content sponsorship, to Featured Calendars, to social promotion through Twitter and Facebook, in one region or across regions. Our rates are affordable and we encourage you to discuss your specific needs with us to get the most out of a customized promotional package.

Is this just for casinos?

No. In fact, part of the mission of PlayerSpot is to bring local businesses more business by getting appropriate vendors in front of the gambling demographic. Some obvious business examples that might benefit: restaurants, bars, bakeries, vehicle rentals, sporting equipment rentals. Some not-so-obvious business examples that can benefit as well: pet grooming/sitting, firing ranges, paintball facilities, personal services (like massage), car washes. For the local gambler, it’s an opportunity to try out businesses that might not previously be known. For the visiting gambler, it’s an opportunity to experience local flavor, add to their visit, and otherwise enjoy unexpected or otherwise unknown ventures during their visit.

What options are offered?

We are continually looking for ways to help our readers as well as provide value to businesses, so this list is not meant to be complete; if you have an idea specific to your business that you’d like to suggest, by all means talk to us.

  • Featured Calendars – Our event calendars offer a great way to get the word out for your events. Our Featured Calendars are a great way to focus the attention specifically on your calendar.
  • HotSpot Events – Drive time and day-based traffic to your business through targeted placement on our calendars.
  • Destination Pages – These are focused, specific pages, dedicated to your organization. Primarily beneficial to casinos, any business that holds numerous events or wants the most prominent presence in front of the PlayerSpot readers can benefit.
  • Column Sponsorship – Dedicated sponsorship by month or by year are available for our content columns.
  • Community Sponsorship – Be seen every time someone visits our community forums.
  • PlayerSpot Tearsheet – This is a print page with calendar, locale, and specialty information.
  • PlayerSpot Electronic Tearsheet – Similar to the print Tearsheet; includes flexibility specific to electronic delivery
  • PlayerSpot Newsletter – Detailed content sent to a double-opt-in mailing list
  • Select Distribution to the PlayerSpot Mailing List – We don’t sell our mailing list. We do, selectively, send communication on behalf of our partners.
  • Leaderboards – These are IAB Leaderboard sized graphical ads (728×90) featured on calendars and other pages through the site.
  • Banners – IAB Banner (468×60) placed variously though the site.
  • Social Media – We help you build your Twitter and Facebook base through appropriate engagement of our followers/fans.
  • Online delivery of specials and coupons
  • Arranged bundling of complimentary business promotions
  • Cross-promotions between PlayerSpot regions (whether for location-independent services or as a draw to the region)

Let’s work together!

With all our listed options and flexibility where it makes sense, there’s no reason not to work with PlayerSpot. Send email to or fill out the contact form below and let’s get started.

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