Column and Article Sponsorship

Quality content is an important element of PlayerSpot and its relationship with readers. Want to show that it’s important to your business too? Take an exclusive position sponsoring our column or article content and get in front of each reader as well as the privileged position of mention for all column promotion.

Column Sponsorship

“The Reno Rounder presented by YourCompany” sounds good, doesn’t it? These positions are offered in intervals of one, six, and twelve months.

Our list of columns include:

  • The Reno Rounder – Life and times of a Reno-based poker player
  • Ask PlayerSpot – Q&A regarding general gambling and regional questions
  • Ask PlayerSpot Poker – Q&A particularly regarding poker, answered by PlayerSpot staff and experienced associates

Article Sponsorship

Articles include such topics as tournament results, event recaps, mini- and full- reviews (except for your reviews of your own property or services), interviews, and more. Express your interest in these and your needs can be compared/matched to our editorial calendar (including options like “sponsor the next 5 reviews” or “all the tournament results for October”). Article sponsorship can also include custom in-line graphics, for example, when an article is profiling an upcoming event, placing a graphical ad for that event inside the article.

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