Featured Calendars

It's easy to focus attention on YOUR events.

It's easy to focus attention on YOUR events.

What are Featured Calendars?

Featured Calendars are highly visible, highly targeted, and break your events out from the crowd! Your graphic logo and placement above the fold mean that the visitors to the PlayerSpot calendars are just a click away from seeing a specific calendar of your events.

Featured Calendars also receive special menu treatment, getting their own visible selection on the website, allowing for more discovery options.

The number of possible Featured Calendars is kept small in order to enhance the value of placement.

What does it cost?

Pricing is on a per-calendar basis (Event, Gaming, or Poker), per month or per year. Exact pricing depends on the specific needs (which calendars and for how long) and can be as little as $150/month per calendar. Contact us to discuss a plan that suits your needs.

Social Marketing Included

Most Featured Calendar arrangements also include a variety of social promotion (Twitter, Facebook) of the Featured Calendar(s) at no extra charge. The specifics, like the calendars themselves, best fit into a customized promotional plan.

Non-Profit Specials

We also have a limited number of slots for non-profits. Contact us for details.

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