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We at PlayerSpot know that the new breed of gambler we’re targeting is online, plugged in, and looking for the electronic convenience that we offer through the website, the calendars, Twitter, and Facebook. We also know that there is a large opportunity market for the more traditional gamblers; those who are waiting for a seat at their favorite poker table, those who will be prompted to visit a casino or business by a coupon or a physical invitation, those who choose to be less connected. Reach that audience with the PlayerSpot print options.

The PlayerSpot Tearsheet (Print)

Whatever the reason a person reads physical paper, delivering the message effectively is critical. The PlayerSpot Tearsheet is a targeted one-page sheet with selected content, calendar, and advertising. Presenting a compelling coupon or offer on the Tearsheet ties your online PlayerSpot campaign to an expaned offline campaign as well.

The PlayerSpot Tearsheet (Electronic)

Email delivery of the Tearsheet offers options not available on the print version (such as direct offer redemption and live links). It also allows the recipient to print at home as desired. The recipient list will be the newsletter list plus on-request delivery via the website.

The PlayerSpot Newsletter

The most targeted of options, the audience for this will be a double-opt-in mailing list. The content is a mix of calendars, articles, and columns, electronically delivered.

The PlayerSpot Mailing List

We don’t sell our mailing list. There are, however, select opportunities for sending targeted communications. Let’s discuss the options.

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