Modified 4-May-2011 to update the “Optional Communications” section with information concerning the availability of user-level privacy/communication settings.

Our approach to privacy: “Plain and Simple”

We’re committed to doing things a little differently than many other organizations; in the process, we believe that you will appreciate these differences too. So here is the privacy policy; it’s in plain language until someone forces us to lawyer it up. If you have questions, feel free to ask at

We adhere to Facebook’s Privacy rules for Applications.

If you ever think we’ve run afoul of those rules, contact us at

We ask for certain permissions when you start using the app. Why?

Permissions like accessing your email address are important to proving the base service (delivering scannable coupons to you, for example). Your birthday is necessary because some of our vendors age-restrict some or all of the products they offer here.

For users of this application, some communications from us are not optional.

There will be administrative and other non-promotional notices that will be sent occasionally via email. If the service is going to be unavailable for a length of time, if the privacy policy changes, if you have unredeemed gifts… these are all examples of notifications or reminders that may get sent occasionally. If you do not wish to hear from us at all, please remove It’s on Me! Social Gifting from your application list under your account Privacy Settings.

So what about the optional communications?

Information like location, likes, and checkins, allow us to make the service more useful to you through suggestion, reminder, and vendor-related promotional features tied to this information (as well as lots of other cool stuff in development).

We know that some of you will appreciate receiving these communications and that others might not. This is why we provide you with tools to choose what communication types you will receive.

In the application, there is a tab named “My Settings”. Within this tab, you will find granular control over the types of communications you allow us to send you. Even when 3rd party messages are involved, please note (as also re-stated below) we don’t sell or rent mailing lists; we may relay information and messages on behalf of our partners.

The initial communication settings should be reasonable for most. However, we strongly encourage you to come into the application and tailor the communication options to your personal preferences.

What do we share with others?

Really, only what we absolutely have to and that’s “not much”.

We share your name, and only as much information as is necessary to allow the vendor to provide and redeem your gift. Most of the time this is information is on the coupon itself, but also may be in vendor sales/redemption reporting. Information such as your email address, your likes, your friends’ information, remain private in the It’s on Me! system.

When this information is used for optional communications, subject to your privacy settings, vendors may request to send communication to a set of users that meet certain criteria (“21 or older”, “females in Reno/Sparks”, “users who like Nevada Humane Society”, to name a few examples). We take the request and send the communication on behalf of the vendor.

Providing essential information to the vendors allows for your protection and helps prevent gift fraud. The vendor may ask you for identification in order to redeem your gift, to ensure proper redemption or to comply with legal requirements (such as for age-restricted items).

Keep in mind, redeeming some gifts or products may give the vendor additional information indirectly. If, for example, you agree to receive birthday-related communication from vendors, by redeeming that product, you are telling the vendor certain information about when your birthday occurs.

Some people are more concerned than others about the privacy of various information. Please keep purchase and redemption actions such as this in mind in relation to your personal approach to privacy.

What about 3rd-parties like payment processors or the vendors themselves?

Ok, this one gets a little more complicated. Third-party payment processors (of which PayPal is currently being used) solicit private and specific information and have their own privacy policies that we have no control over. Depending on how you provide information to PayPal (via an account or direct credit card purchase, for example) additional email address, postal address, and other information may be provided both to the vendor directly (over whom we also have no privacy control) and to us.

We may store transaction-verification information provided to us by the payment processor related to your purchase, but we do not store or share any specific financial information (such as credit card numbers).

If you have concerns in this area, we encourage you to contact the payment processor and/or the vendor in question concerning their privacy policies.

What do we keep for ourselves?

Only what we have to in order to run the service effectively. Most of the information we use we ask Facebook for at the time you use it.

Still, in order to properly maintain the records of purchase, giving, and so forth, we keep records of IDs, names, email address, and application-generated specific data for the purpose of providing the service to you.

If you disallow access to the application, we continue to store this information. Why?

In order to:

  1. preserve your gift giving and receiving history
  2. preserve the history of those who gave you gifts

You may re-enable access to your gifts, your history, and your account by re-visiting the application. While your account is disallowed, no email will be sent.

Get me completely out of here!

We don’t really want to see you go, but,…

If you wish to permanently delete your information from “It’s on Me! Social Gifting” (including permanently losing access to all gift history and any unredeemed gifts you’ve received, with no refunds issued), send email to from the email address associated with your Facebook account. Once the request is confirmed, your account information will be permanently deleted.

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