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5 Things… about Boomtown Hotel Casino Reno

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9:30 am
January 17, 2011


New Member

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Boomtown Reno is situated on I-80 in Verdi, just 12 miles from downtown Reno.

When you visit the property, look around, because there's plenty to pay attention to.

  1. 50-1 Royal Match Blackjack
    Ok, everyone knows side-bets are sucker bets but that doesn't mean they can't be fun to play. If you decide to, you'll get more at Boomtown than just about anywhere else that offers the Royal Match. How does 50-1 sound for the suited King/Queen on your first two cards?
    2 Live music Friday and Saturday night
    Sure, all the bigger clubs have the cabarets, but for smaller, more intimate casinos, it's notable. If you're already out for the lobster buffet (see below) why not stick around and catch the live tunes?
  2. Lobster Buffet
    Friday to Monday, 3p-9p. All you can eat. And some days, you might even get beaded by Shelley, the gaming-floor-wandering lobster buffet mascot (and an incredibly nice person to boot!). For details, visit the website or call 775.345.6000.
  3. 80's music
    Each club sets a mood through the choice of music (that is, when you can hear it over the slots). If Duran Duran, Prince, Eagles, Thompson Twins, and many more 80's favorites put you in a playing mood, Boomtown Reno is a good place to be.
  4. Gas for comps
    Ever since comps came out of the shadows, players have been deciding where to play not just on the club's generosity, but whether or not the casino offers something particularly useful under the program. "Useful" is different for each person, but how about gasoline? The Boomtown Reno comps (on the Bonus Club card) are good at the Chevron gas station at the property. How sweet is that?

What would you add to this list? Do you have a suggestion for a "5 Things" topic/location?

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