We at PlayerSpot have the occasion to meet many wonderful people and work with stellar companies. Some of them deserve special recognition over an above any promotions or business relationships that come and go. That’s what you’re reading now. The people and companies listed below are here because the people behind PlayerSpot want to say “Thank you” or “You’re great!” or “We appreciate the work you do” or “We think other people should know about you” or, well, just basically, “We like you”. There’s no particular order or geography preference here, and the list will be updated occasionally.

Tele Raack LMT Massage and BodyworkWe’ve done a mini-review on Tele’s services here on the site. That’s not why she’s here on this list. She’s here because of the good she does in the community and for the people she serves. She volunteers, she manages her family, she genuinely cares for others that she may have only just met.

In the world of technology, there is far too much preying on the innocent that happens. Sure, viruses, worms, trojans, and other malware do this every second of every minute of every day¬†(if you’re a Windows user), but unfortunately, many times so do the people who are being trusted to fix these sorts of issues. By no means is every “computer repair person” a crook, but it’s nice to see an open, up-front effort to provide quality services to those who can really afford it least (or at least those who would have no idea if they were being taken advantage of or not).

A no-kill shelter

San Clemente-Dana Point Animal Shelter

No animal should have to be put to death just because it’s unwanted or because its person abandoned it. Support your local no-kill animal shelters and no-kill in general whenever possible.