Calendar Subscriptions

Put your local (or temporarily local) event, poker, and gaming information at your fingertips, right alongside your personal to-do list and appointments! That’s right: on your phone (iPhone, Android, and more) or on your desktop with iCal, Sunbird, Outlook, or even on your older phones that sync with your computer. You are already using everything you need!

With plans tailored to the regional visitor, the local, and the professional you’re bound to find just what you’re looking for. (Already subscribed and looking for setup instructions? Want more details on the Referral Bonus Program?)

Premium — The premium subscription gives you the best of everything. Pick and choose what calendars from what regions you want. No stressing about whether access is included or not. Visiting Lake Tahoe? The calendars are there. Down to Los Angeles? Up to Seattle? Vegas? Doesn’t matter; you’re covered. Only $14.99 a year!

Traveler’s Regional — This calendar access is perfect for the vacationer! Get your access set up on your laptop or phone without having to rush at the last minute. You have enough to worry about with packing! Six week access is only $1.99!

Regional — Don’t travel often but still want the convenience of knowing whether the basketball game you’re eyeing or the weekly blackjack tournament is going to conflict with the dinner party your wife already has on the calendar? This is the one for you. Only $4.99 for a full year.

Your subscription takes advantage of the same username and password as your account on this site, so get started by creating your account or logging in below.