Calendar Subscription Referral Program

Subscribe. Refer. Earn!

We’re proud of the convenience of the calendar access options we provide. Refer us to others and when they use your referral code to subscribe, you could be rewarded in cash! It’s the PlayerSpot way of saying “thank you” for spreading the word.

Your Referral Code can mean $$$ in your pocket

When you subscribe, you’ll receive an activation notice in email. This email contains important information as well as your referral code. Give this out to your friends and acquaintances who can benefit from having calendar access on their desktop or mobile devices.

Payment Table

Referral bonus amounts as of 3-Nov-2010:

  • One-time referral bonus per Premium Subscription referral: US $2.00
  • One-time referral bonus per Regional Subscription referral: US $0.75
  • One-time referral bonus per Traveler Subscription referral: US $0.25

The Important Details

As you might expect, a program like this that pays cash, pays based on bringing in new paying subscribers. To that end, there are some important elements of the program that you need to know.

  • This program is subject to change. The rules governing processing, reporting, and payment at the time of processing will apply.
  • NO SPAMMING or inappropriate distribution of codes! PlayerSpot reserves the right to invalidate any referral code/referral account for any reason, in the sole judgement of PlayerSpot management. Accounts/codes invalidated due to inappropriate use forfeit any accumulated referral bonuses.
  • New subscribers must use the code you give them when they subscribe. “After the fact” credit requests will generally be denied.
  • Only one code per subscription is allowed.
  • Bonuses are a one-time event per-subscription, regardless of the length of subscription or any renewals.
  • Payments will be made only via PayPal, and only to the registered email address of the PlayerSpot site account.
  • Referral bonuses are only paid on collected subscription accounts. Subscriptions that, for whatever reason, are not considered paid at the time of reporting, will not be eligible for referral bonuses.
  • Reporting will be performed on the 15th of each calendar month, for the subscription month three months prior. For example, reporting performed on 15-April will reflect subscription referral activity for the previous January. This is necessary due to the variability of payment processing and the possibility of chargebacks/disputes.
  • Referral bonuses will be paid by the end of the calendar month in which they are reported.
  • Referral tracking is done via an automated system. Any claim of error will be handled solely in the best judgement of PlayerSpot management and on a case-by-case basis.
  • There is no cap on the number of referral bonuses that may be accumulated as long as the referral account is in good standing with program rules.
  • One referral account per person. Attempts to have multiple accounts (multiple PlayerSpot site accounts) may result in all related referral accounts being invalidated.
  • Referral bonuses will be paid only to referral accounts with an ACTIVE SUBSCRIPTION. That is, you must have a valid and active electronic calendar subscription at the time of reporting in order to receive the referral bonus.

This page and the program details, requirements, and restrictions may be updated from time-to-time. Last updated: 3-Nov-2010

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