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The Mechanics of Gambling: Reno Blackjack

People who play 21 in Northern Nevada (single/double-deck games) seem to be flummoxed by the technical rules of the game: hold the cards with one hand only, scratch the table for a hit, when to turn the cards over and when not to, what “tucking” the cards means and that you’re not supposed to touch your bet once the cards are out).

Without casting aspersions on the folks who get confused by this, the confusion raises interesting points. Do you find them hard to follow? What other casino game rules give you mental heartburn (not game rules that are designed to influence house odds like what cards you can double down on, the requirements to simply participate in the game).

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What Blackjack book rocked your game?

Even “The Book” has multiple forms and some discussion about which one is definitive. What is your favorite? Which book (new or old) do you believe has had the most beneficial effect on your game? Why?

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