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A Little Help for Casino Workers? (Promo Special)

Whether by initiative, necessity, or both, plenty of people in casino regions are weathering the financial storm that is the recession by running their own businesses to augment the day job. As part of our community connection, we want to help.

A significant issue with many of these ventures is that advertising costs can a measurable barrier to success (even with social media amplification). For the entire month of January, PlayerSpot is running a program to bring gamblers and these secondary businesses together for the good of each.

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Your opinion? Reno is among “6 Forgotten Vacation Spots” from U.S. News Travel

Do you agree that Reno’s (and by extension, Northern Nevada’s) time has “come and gone”? Why or why not? What attractions, elements, geography, and businesses are the hidden gems that just don’t get enough exposure?

6 Forgotten Vacation Spots | U.S. News Travel.

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Tele Raack, LMT (Massage Therapist)

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting Tele Raack in person for the first time. We had communicated to some extent on Twitter (she’s @TeleRaackLMT officially) and this was a 1-hour basic massage session. After the session, she and I spent some time talking about the benefits of her services to the PlayerSpot readership.

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A few minutes at… Boomtown Reno

Boomtown Reno is technically in Verdi, NV, near the Nevada/California border along I-80. It’s one of the first properties you meet when coming from Sacramento and it’s just a short drive from Reno.

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Want to stand out among the Northern Nevada Crowd?

Our page is filling in with key locations here in Northern Nevada. (Click here or “Northern Nevada” under “Find Your Spot” in the menu bar above). Are you a Casino Manager and want ¬†your property to stand out on this list? Contact us:

Attention Northern Nevada Non-Profits!

We are founded on the idea that giving back to the communities we serve will help everyone in the long-run. So,… we want to help you, for free!

Contact us to arrange free promotion of your fund-raiser, event, volunteer needs, etc. to be presented in front of locals and locals-wannabes! Since we target Casino Gamers, our readers are typically adults with disposable income.

Let’s talk about getting your message in front of these readers at no cost!