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Tele Raack, LMT (Massage Therapist)

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting Tele Raack in person for the first time. We had communicated to some extent on Twitter (she’s @TeleRaackLMT officially) and this was a 1-hour basic massage session. After the session, she and I spent some time talking about the benefits of her services to the PlayerSpot readership.

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Tell us about your favorite casino workers!

Everyone likes to be recognized for doing a great job. Sometimes that happens in person, sometimes it happens through comment cards. Here’s your chance to give a shout out to your casino folks here on PlayerSpot!

Take a minute and visit our Facebook page discussions tab and tell us, by name, who you want to recognize and why. Let them know that you appreciate what they do for you!

Want to win a photographic print?

Just like us on Facebook (the PlayerSpot FB box in the upper left, or go directly to our page for PlayerSpot Northern Nevada). When we reach 100 fans, we’ll randomly select a winner. If you refer us to your friends, make sure they tell us who referred them, as we’ll put something special together for the most confirmed referrals as well!

The print is of Dawn over the Great Basin, is approx. 13″ by 43″ and is ready for framing (a retail value of $800).

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Aces 8-0 v. 51s, 28-Jul-2010

Some flashy defense, combined with stellar pitching, helped lift Reno over Las Vegas for their 3rd shutout of the season, and 13th all time, as the Aces smothered the 51s, 8-0, making the Silver State Diamond Challenge 6-3, Reno.

The Aces improve to 45-60 on the season, and will take Las Vegas again tomorrow night at 7:05 pm. Tomorrow night is Coors Light night, as the fans can enjoy $2 Coors Light up to the fifth inning.

For the complete game wrap-up, a replay of the half-inning feed, and information on all things Northern Nevada Sports, visit!

We’re psyched about Battle Born Sports!

Not just because we’re working with them, either! Check out their site and you’ll understand why.

Want to stand out among the Northern Nevada Crowd?

Our page is filling in with key locations here in Northern Nevada. (Click here or “Northern Nevada” under “Find Your Spot” in the menu bar above). Are you a Casino Manager and want  your property to stand out on this list? Contact us:

Thanks, Sands Reno for the Fuzio Food Credit

This is just a quick post to thank the Sands Reno for the Fuzio food credit certificate (given away on Twitter: @SandsReno) and used last night for a steak dinner. I’ll definitely have to return to try their Firecracker dishes. I have to try anything that includes the description “habeñero pesto” at least once.

Street Vibrations 2010 Spring Rally events added to the Calendar

Check out our event calendar or go to the Road Shows site for all the details on vendors, food, fun, shows, and bikes!

Look for the Event Calendar… now live!

The Northern Nevada Event Calendar is now live. Look for it in the menus above (under “Find your Spot…”) or directly at the NN Event Calendar Page. Drop us a line or leave a comment for events that should be on there or any questions you might have!